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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greek Mythology - Eros & Psyche Book Recommendation

What better way to honor Valentine's day but through the Greek myth of Eros (aka Cupid) and Psyche.

Cupid & Psyche Statue at the Louvre
Photo Credit: Joseph Kranak
This is one of a very few myths that end in a happy ending. The god Eros falls in love with the mortal Psyche, which angers Aphrodite. After many challenges, the two are reunited.

You can read the story here: The Story of Cupid & Psyche or listen to an audio theater version of it here: A reading of Eros & Psyche

Recommended Reading:

Cupid and Psyche by M.Charlotte Craft (affiliate link)

This story retells the myth in an engaging way, and the illustrations are lovely. Both of the girls enjoyed reading this book, despite being very frustrated with Aphrodite's unreasonable demands :)

After reading about Eros & Psyche, why not make your own love arrow? Find a round up here.

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