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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chinese New Year - Chunlian (Part 2)

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Hung around the doorway, in through which the new year will come.
Last night, the girls worked on their Spring Couplets, the red banners to be hung around our doorway. These couplets herald the coming of spring, therefore the first step was finding chinese characters that represent symbols of spring. We looked through the book "My Little Book of Chinese Words", a small, colorful book filled with Chinese characters, and found many words, such as sun, spring, bird, shine. The girls wrote a list of all possible words, then worked on writing a poetic sentence that included five of the Chinese characters (the space on our banners allows for four to five characters). Elle took her time, editing and re-editing until she was quite happy with her sentence. Pea enjoyed it so much she wrote six!

Each banner is made from one sheet of tissue paper, folder in thirds and glued together in the back, which gave it more substance than a one layer cut rectangle.

Pea's chunlian to the left translates to:
The morning sun shine's, which follow's Spring.
Elle's chunlian to the right translates to:
The last shine of the sun for the year of the dragon, the last beam of the moon before Spring.
The top chunlian translates to:
Receive the Spring's whisper of flowers into your heart.
(Chinese characters are the words bolded in red)

I created a sheet of various Chinese characters that can be used to make your own spring couplet:

You can find smaller, printable Chunlian here.

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