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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chinese New Year - Money Envelopes

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Adults give children red lucky money envelopes, known as Lai-See or Hong Boaon New Year's day. Children traditionally kneel in front of their parents to receive the lai-see, while wishing them health and prosperity. When children become adults, it is their turn to give these envelopes to their parents.

The red (representing luck) envelopes traditionally decorated with gold symbols of wealth and happiness, have paper money inside, though no coins because they are thought to bring bad luck. The amount should be an even number, except for a denomination with the number 4 (40, etc) as this number sounds like the word for death in Cantonese.  The money should also be crisp and new.

We found these Lai-See envelopes at a local Asian grocery.

There are various lucky money envelopes that can be printed at Activity Village or you can make your own with red construction paper, or shiny red wrapping paper, using the template found here.
And, seen below, a printable envelope with card from Chica Circle, a printable template with the Good Luck symbol at Martha Stewart Living, and a printable year of the snake envelope from Thousand Skies.

Printable at Thousand Skies

Printable at Chica Circle
Printable at Martha Stewart Living

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