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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Craft - Chinese Noisemakers

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Pea and I made a couple of noisemakers to use for the new year celebration.
Along with scissors and glue, these are the materials you'll need:

Trace the ribbon spool on colorful cardstock, and cut out the circles.
Paint the sides and edges of the ribbon spool (top right), and paint the dowel.
To attach the dowel, slice an X at the bottom, and push dowel through. Once you can see the end in the center hole of the ribbon spool, dab some white glue to the tip, then continue and push the dowel until it reaches the top of the spool. Hold for a minute while it dries. While it continues drying, draw designs on cardstock.
Once fully dry, cut a small hole on either side for cording. For each side, thread the end of your cording through the cut, and tie around dowel in center.
Attache bead to cording, measuring it so the bead hits the section where there is a hole - creates better "percussion".

These were glued one at a time to the ribbon spool, using tacky white glue, and weighed down by book while the glue dried.

We chose red and gold for our noisemakers since they are the new year colors, symbolizing luck and prosperity. Our Chinese characters are for good luck, spring, and good fortune. And of course a snake for the coming Year of the Snake.
The gold metallic marker worked wonderfully, and looks great against the red.

Once complete, twirl the dowel to make the beads swing back and forth, and make some noise!

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