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Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year Lanterns

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Photo Credit: Nick Read
I was going to save lantern making for the Lantern Festival at the end of the festivities, but became enamored with the red lanterns seen everywhere when researching the Chinese new year. At the very last minute, I decided I wanted strings of red lanterns for our house. 8$ being the best price I could find for red paper lanterns, our only option was to make them, so I picked up a package of red cardstock, and got to work.

The lantern above and the ones below where made from a great tutorial found at jellyfishjelly. I had scraps of gold from old Christmas crackers to create bands, and I think these "lanterns" look fabulous. Elle wanted to make a string of smaller lanterns (below) though after completing the first one, was much less inclined :) She enlisted her father to help, and they both completed two. But I think she was very glad to be done with it. If interested in making the smaller bell shaped lanterns, I should note that the paper strips kept coming undone from the bottom, resulting in my getting up on a chair with glue gun in hand to fix. Securely attached, they do look great. 

We also made some basic Chinese lanterns, either with black centers or red ones with a new year wish Chinese character and bands that read "Happy New Year" in Chinese. I put together a printable for the bands, and the new year wish character cylinders, that can be found here:

To make the lantern, first roll a cardstock cylinder, 9" wide by  8.5" high, attached together with double sided tape. The one below has the character for Good Luck. Take a second sheet of cardstock, fold in half, then fold the top edge on both sides for a 2cm band.

Cut strips across the folded paper, stopping at the 2cm band. Unfold, and glue the bands at both ends of the cylinders. If using the Chinese new year bands from printable, glue those across the top and bottom of lantern (I printed mine on same red cardstock). Attach handle and you're ready to hang. 

To attach the tassel, I cut a hole at the top of the handle, and strung yarn through it until it reached the desired lenght hanging from the bottom of the lantern. Tie a knot at the top of the handle so the yarn doesn't fall through.
I followed this tutorial for tassels found at lavenders blue design.

Pea was inspired to hang something from each strip. We used the Chinese zodiac cards found at Activity Village, printed on red cardstock. 

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  1. these are beautiful - you have an awesome site - Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gung Hay Fat Choy


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