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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lantern Festival - Lantern Tutorial {Part 3 of 3}

We've been making our lanterns for the lantern festival on Sunday.

I love these lanterns made out of Lai See/Hong Bao. We made the above lantern following the tutorial at Fig, Jam & Lime Cordial. After stumbling across one tutorial, I searched and found so many variations of lanterns made out of Hong Bao. And I love them all. 

Draik at Squidoo has various crafts made from Lai See.
Chinese New Year Lanterns has a plethora of them, including video tutorials

Unfortunately, I found these tutorials a little too late - the asian stores in our area where out of lai see by the time I came across them, being nearly the end of the new year celebrations. Luckily, I still had a stash of older ones bought years ago.

Elle really wanted to make the fish by Draik (fish being a symbol of wealth, abundance and love in the Chinese culture), however it required more hong bao than we had, so she chose some origami paper she liked, and cut out the required rectangles. More work, but she loves her fish lantern.

I really think these are so ingenious, simple (if you've got a tutorial to follow) and have such a Chinese feel...I may need to order more envelopes online.

Learn about lantern festival, how to make more lanterns (herehere ), print riddles, and taste glutinous rice balls in preparation for the festival.

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