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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Powu- The day to welcome the God of Wealth

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Cai Shen God of Wealth
5th Day is Po'wu, meaning "breaking on the fifth. The prohibitions of the new year, such as not using scissors, or sweeping, are finished on this day.

It's the day to welcome the God of Wealth. Jiaozi (dumplings) are often eaten on this day because they look like ancient Chinese gold ingots. Most people go back to work on this day, and the re-opening of businesses is often accompanied with firecrackers.

The lion dance will parade around the streets to the sound of drums and firecrackers. Stores will invite them to have a lion dance to bring prosperity to the business in the coming year, and reward the lion with a lai see.

Photo Credit: Wee Sen Goh
Firecrackers are also set off to get Guan Yu's attention, to receive his favor and good fortune for the coming year. Guan Yu was born in the Han dynasty and is considered the greatest general in Chinese history. Guan is considered the perfect example of loyalty and righteousness

Guan Yu Statue
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

We're looking forward to eating more dumplings :)

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