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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Chinese Language in all its Forms - Basics of Calligraphy

The Eight Principles of Yong 

It is considered that there are eight common strokes in regular Chinese writing, all of which are found in the Chinese character for "Yong" which means "Forever", "Eternity", and "Permanence".
The Eight Principles of Yong explain how to write these common strokes while practicing this character. Traditionally, it was believed that practicing writing this character would ensure beauty in one's calligraphy.

I put together a calligraphy practice sheet, and the girls and I went to it. Once again, we were reminded that there is a reason Chinese calligraphy is considered an art. But once you get started, it becomes a bit addictive - or maybe it's because we are all perfectionists. We kept practicing the character, and printing more sheets. We certainly have not perfected it yet :)

Read more for a printable calligraphy practice sheet

If you have any interest in practicing the character Yong or any other Chinese character, you can print the practice sheets (one for 2 large characters, and the other, as above, for 12 smaller characters) here:

You can watch someone write the character in this video.

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  1. Your blog is AMAZING!!!! We have always loved studying China, however, we have never studied in such great detail. I am inspired to get the after school kids practicing a bit of chinese calligraphy, thanks for making my work a lot easier with this blog!!


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