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Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Weekend In A Nutshell

We had a beautiful sunny weekend in Halifax, NS, though I wouldn't venture to say warm.

The month of May is Asian Heritage Month, and our public library will have various events held throughout the month. This past weekend was an open house in which various groups (Lebanese, Chinese, Indian) gave performances. We stopped in for a bit and enjoyed Chinese dancing, done by the local Chinese Society. The young girls were adorable. We also stopped into a Chinese grocery to pick up some interesting items for our MuShu pork.

Along with homework, yardwork, and resting, we had a fun games night that included charades and twister. We also joined a Jane Walk - it was the first I'd heard of this, though hundreds of cities are participating. The aim is to rediscover your urban area and encourage pedestrian activity. We joined one walk focused on the cast iron works in the city. Though hubby and I found it fascinating, the girls were bored (what? Kids who aren't interested in the history of cast iron fences??) so we meandered off to the waterfront and enjoyed delicious Beaver Tails. We did notice more cast iron details then ever, and Elle continued to use her cast iron detector: a magnet.

We had a great weekend, though it's obvious when looking out into the yard that I should have spent more time with the yardwork, and less with resting!

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