Our family has embarked on virtual travels to various countries and regions. To explore these countries and their cultures, we have followed along with the festivals, cooked and eaten traditional foods, learned of traditional handicrafts with hands on exploration, along with many activities to immerse ourselves. Chronicled here are some of these activities.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Weekend In a Nutshell

We've been dog sitting a 15 year old friendly dog, during a grey, foggy, rainy week. Our ''bathroom outings'' and dog walks have been cursory, not being used to going out in the rain a minimum of four times a day. We were so happy to welcome the sun on Sunday morning - and Skippy appreciated hours of fresh air.

For our rainy Saturday, we treated ourselves to an afternoon at the movies to see ''Epic'', which the girls enjoyed. We came home to spend some time playing games and drinking a jazzed up Chinese chocolate milk drink (topped with rock salt cheese) with friends. 

Waking up to the first ray of sunshine in nearly a week on Sunday morning, I headed outside and tackled an overgrown blackberry patch I'd been eyeing warily for the past three years - and I won! We may actually be able to access and enjoy some of those berries this summer. We puttered around the yard, Elle planted some flowers, we practiced some Jianzi, all the while with Skipper at our heels.

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