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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre

Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square 1989 democracy protest that was brutally ended by the Chinese military. 

Photo Credit: Lok Cheung

Last night, in Hong Kong, there was a massive candlelight vigil with tens of thousands of people. 

Photo Credit: Fred Lam
Hong Kong is the only place in China where this commemoration is not suppressed, as it is a semi autonomous region with the the civil liberty of free speech not found elsewhere in China. In Beijing, some wore black to work in remembrance, while many pro-democracy activists were not allowed to leave their homes. 

Photo Credit: Fred Lam
We were deeply moved by this vigil, seen during last night's news. A moment of silence was had for those who lost their lives and of gratitude to the immense freedoms we enjoy, though often take for granted.


  1. My daughter is in China for the summer teaching English. She did this for two years before being kicked out over visa problems (they were ultimately fixed). She told that there are three Ts that are forbidden to be spoken about - Taiwan, Tibet and of course, Tiananmen, which since I remember it so well has been in my thoughts today. A heart breaking part of China's history.

    1. I don't ultimately share everything I learn about China's policies with our daughters, but there are parts of history, ours as well as others, as heart breaking as they are, that we discuss to hopefully lead to a understanding and choices for a better future. I hope the vigil in Hong Kong will someday bring about the changes they hope for, and peacefully so.


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