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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

This past week, Elle welcomed her half sister into the world! She is enamored with that sweet girl and has come home regaling us with stories of baby hiccoughs and fist sucking and gurgling sounds. And of course, baby's sweet scent.

This weekend was spent at home. My June calendar had events penciled in for every weekend, and we haven't made it to one yet! Ironically, just as the rain kept us home last weekend, it was the sun that kept us home this weekend. The first rays of sun in a week meant we needed gardening and yardwork done. The vegetable garden is in, and the girls took charge of the pumpkin patch by weeding, amending the soil, and planting three types of pumpkin plants. I loved the shocked look of disgust they gave me when I informed them they would have to dig in some alpaca manure - ok, I said alpaca poop. I knew I'd get a better reaction for it.

While Pea worked on an end of year project, and studied for her exams, Elle read in the hammock for hours, making up for a very late night sleepover. I've been painting the inside of our garden shed, de-cluttering and re-organizing it. I was amazed at the volume of garden centre plant pots, shocked that I could ever have afforded to buy so many plants. Then I noticed the labels on a few pots, reminding me they were from a friend's house when I helped with her landscaping, and I realized most of those pots were from others. It occurred to me that I was the proverbial pot calling her husband a hoarder. I filled three recycling bags of garden pots alone.  

Sunday we celebrated Hubby for father's day. He truly is a wonderful father to Elle, and stepfather to Pea, and this past year, with the personal difficulties both girls have been facing, he has been unconditionally supportive to them, and always filing our house with laughter with his quirky sense of humor. It was a joy to honor his indispensable role in their lives. 


  1. Glad to hear we're not the only hoarding family around!

    1. Haha! Seriously,I knew I had a problem with scraps for crafts, but the pot situation was shocking. At least once its fully organized, I won't be tempted to hold on to extras.


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