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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Week

I can't use the word "nutshell" for this post - it's going to be picture heavy :) 
Last week we took a mini vacation to New Brunswick, visiting Hubby's parents and exploring the Fundy coast.

We visited Hopewell rocks, which are rock formations caused by tidal erosion. We spent hours walking among the rocks, exploring crevices, seeing faces in the rocks. We are all looking forward to kayaking there next year.

We took a couple of hikes at Fundy National Park - one of Hubby's favorite places. The nature surrounding us was stunning - from the coast to a small waterfall, fields to lush forest. One of my favorite things about hiking with Pea is that within five minutes of being immersed in nature, she becomes incredibly affectionate and content. Even Elle, who tends to worry about the insects :) really enjoyed the waterfall hike, finding nooks and crannies, worthy of fairies. 

Our drive along the Fundy coast had a little something for everyone. We visited a restored courtroom and jail from the 19th century, enjoyed fried clams and lobster rolls, checked out a covered bridge (I just love bridges), stopped at a church market where the girls were asked to ring the bell (their favorite part), picked raspberries to share, and got creeped out by old mannequins in the basement of an antique store (Elle kept returning to the basement, over and over again)

We got the chance to spend time with hubby's brother's family three nights in a row - always a treat, especially since I consider my sister in law a kindred spirit. We played with a battery operated "projector" from the men's childhoods, and tried some new foods. She introduced us to Sandfire Greens - greens that grow in the local marshes that taste delicious boiled and dressed with butter and salt and pepper. We also tasted Chinese tea eggs, that surprised everyone by tasting good! The girls had a blast playing with their cousin.

We were spoiled with my in-laws generous hospitality and delicious cooking. And we spent a couple of hours at a beautiful beach with very hot sand and calm water. Elle and hubby found a hermit crab!

My love of bridges had us stopping off in Tidnish, NS on our way home to check out a suspension bridge and a historical railway bridge. Elle was none too pleased to see a "Use at your own risk" sign at the entrance of the suspension bridge but I'd been looking forward to walking this bridge, so she bore through. She did insist we stop trying to sway it though :)

We had a lovely vacation. There is always so much natural beauty to explore in the Maritimes, and sharing it with the girls makes it all the more special.

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