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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glimpse of China: Professional Ear Cleaners

Ear cleaning in the park
Photo Credit: Iain MacLean

Actually, this is a glimpse into the city of Chengdu, where you can have your ears cleaned by a professional in one of the many outdoor tea houses. 

Dating back since the Song dynasty, professional ear cleaners wander around tea houses offering their services. They carry with them a variety of instruments, long sticks with attachments at the end: goose feather brushes that tickle, tiny scoops for gathering ear wax, razors to remove ear hair, and tuning forks that create relaxing vibrations. A professional ear cleaner knows how to access the ears acupressure points, creating a pleasant, meditative experience.

And when your ears have been cleaned and groomed, you can resume sipping your tea.

Photo Credit: Aidan Whiteley
Would you be open to such a service? I admit, my curiosity is peaked, but I'm not sure I would have the courage!


  1. I was laughing out loud at this. Whenever I cut Gary's hair I do a sneaky ear groom, albeit only of the snipping the hair kind. I'm not sure he'd be up for a full vibrate and wax!!

    1. Lol - I really can't imagine having someone else digging around in my ears! You should put that offer out to Gary, and see what he says!


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