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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: Mid Autumn Lantern Tutorial

For the Mid-Autumn festival, the girls each made a lantern. Pea made a lantern of the Jade Rabbit, and Elle made the lantern above. It can be made with a few simple materials.
You will need:

Tissue paper
22 popsicle sticks
sticky tack or reusable clay
LED candle
disposable chopstick or wooden dowel
rope or yarn

1. Take 16 sticks and glue them into four squares. Add one stick into the middle of one square, and the rest of the sticks into the center of another square. (See image below.) 

2. While your frames are drying, decorate the paper you'll be using for the lantern. The paper should be approximately 10" x 22". Be creative and decorate it. Elle cut out some shapes from different colored tissue paper. She used the Jade Rabbit template to add a rabbit to the lantern. 

3. Take your sticky tack or clay, and make eight small balls. Attach those balls to a surface, in sets of 2. Each ball should be approximately 2" from the other, and each set 2" from the other. Once the glue is dry and your frames are sturdy, line them up onto each ball of clay, making sure the top and bottom frames are in the right positions.

4. Now it's time to attach the paper to the frame. Put a bead of glue on the top edges of your four frames. Carefully place the center of the paper over this, and press gently with you hands along the frame edges to ensure they bond to the paper. Repeat on the other two sides. Make sure that if your paper's design has a top and bottom that they line up with the top and bottom frames. Let the paper dry before moving on to the next step.

5. Once dry, very carefully lift the frames off the clay. This part felt a bit tricky for us, but it came off without any damage :) Glue the rest of the paper over the last side, overlapping the edges. Fold the top and bottom paper overlaps and glue over the frames.

6. Lastly, attach one end of the rope to the center of the top frame, and the other end to a chopstick. We added glue under the knot of the rope to ensure it stays centered on the frame. 

Elle holding the rope while the glue dries, and showing much more patience than I would have had!
7. Now you are ready to place an LED candle in the lantern, and enjoy the glow!

This week, we'll be preparing for the moon festival by reading bookstasting mooncakes and learning how they are made, making lanterns to hang on sticks, reading and writing poetry about the moon, and honoring the moon on the 19th with tea, mooncakes, and pomelos

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  1. What a neat craft. Elle looks very pleased with it!


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