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Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

We spent a rather relaxed (read: lazy) Saturday, enjoying the company of my mother for brunch and playing dominoes.

We made up for it on Sunday by spending the day outdoors, in and around Windsor, NS. We headed out in the morning planning on enjoying the day at On Tree, a tree climbing park. Unfortunately, it was a rather crowded and we were told we would have to wait quite some time to enjoy it. We decided to come back on a weekday afternoon, and spent a lovely day meandering around the area. 

We came across Elmhurst Stock Farm selling gorgeous pumpkins (at amazing prices!) in their front yard. We left with 13 pumpkins. Our family loves pumpkins, Elle especially, and the smaller ones were a dollar a piece. Since our pumpkin patch did not produce a single pumpkin for the second year in a row, we couldn't help ourselves. Further down the road, we came across another farm with sheep, geese, and a friendly donkey. The donkey just loved getting all that attention!

Since we were in the area, we stopped by the Haliburton House museum grounds for a picnic. Though an hour from where we live, we love this area so much we stop by a few times a year, and even got our wedding pictures taken there. It has the girls' favorite willow tree in all of Nova Scotia, a spot where you will always see frogs sunning not even a foot from where you stand, and great crab apple trees for climbing on. We even saw what we think is a muskrat swimming in one of the ponds. 

And for the first time, we stopped by an area of Acadian dykes I've always wanted to walk. With the strong wind blowing in our ears, we could (almost) forget the highway was behind us :) It was a gorgeous walk,with the verdant dykes and fields, and gypsum cliffs ahead of us. 

It was truly a lovely, fall day. 


  1. You could always plant your thirteen pumpkins in your pumpkin patch at home and pretend you are actually incredibly skilled gardeners. I promise I won't tell anyone.....

    1. I did consider that idea... :) If only to feel better when I looked out at it!


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