Our family has embarked on virtual travels to various countries and regions. To explore these countries and their cultures, we have followed along with the festivals, cooked and eaten traditional foods, learned of traditional handicrafts with hands on exploration, along with many activities to immerse ourselves. Chronicled here are some of these activities.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Double Ninth Festival

Sunday, October 13th, was the Chung Yeung Festival. It is also known as the Double Ninth Festival, because it is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month on the lunar calendar. This means the date changes every year on our calendar. 

Chrysanthemum flowers are displayed in abundance on this day, and it is considered they clear away any bad luck. Most people ensure they have a drink of chrysanthemum tea, and traditionalists drink chrysanthemum wine. In the past, it was customary to pick fresh chrysanthemum flowers and leaves on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month, and brew a mixture of them with grains into wine, which would not be drunk until the same day the following year.

One of the customs of this festival is to climb a mountain, or if in the city, go to its highest point. Being high up is said to increase luck, and climbing symbolizes climbing to a higher position and higher morality.Kite flying is also enjoyed on this day, and once a again symbolizes rising higher and being better. 

Photo Credit: Connie
Since 1966, this day has also been considered senior citizens day -  a day to appreciate and spend time with the elderly in your life. 

It seems like a lovely fall tradition, to get outdoors, enjoy the fall blooms, hike a mountain, and fly a kite. 

Double Ninth day fell on the same day as our Thanksgiving, and though we did not get to enjoy Chrysanthemum tea, we picked up some mums to bring home, enjoyed a bit of a climb and tried flying a kite.


  1. Look at that scenery! I so much miss the open spaces of the beaches we lived near in Northern Ireland.

    1. It was a beautiful spot, and the first time we'd been there, so glad we checked it out.


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