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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Glimpse of China: Hand signs for numbers

If you wanted to convey to someone a number without speaking you would use your hands. How would you convey, with your hands, the number 10? Here's how we would do it:

And here is one way of how it's done in China:

Want to see how 1 through 10 are conveyed with hand signals in China? It is demonstrated in short video (created by 'My New Chinese Love') below:

One of the great things about learning of different cultures is realizing where your assumptions are - I had never thought of number hand signs in a cultural context, but if I had taken a moment to think about it, I would have assumed everyone did it "our" way. But of course, there is always more than one way to do anything.


  1. I'm with you: aside from the European way of indicating 3, I would have kind of assumed all the other numbers were the same everywhere. So interesting!

  2. I googled the european way of indicating 3 :)

  3. My Chinese husband does these. I had no idea what they meant and he was so surprised that we don't do it that way!


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