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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sayings of Confucius - Printable Quotes

Confucius, arguably the most influential Chinese philosopher, had followers who recorded his sayings and lessons in a collection known as Analects of Confucius. After learning about his life and an introduction to Confucianism, I thought we could discuss some of his sayings in order to better understand his influence and philosophy.

I'm not sure why the image comes up so...gray, but the printable is on a white background

I like to place quotes prominently for the family to read, usually in the bathroom mirror - we all use it, some of us more than others :) - and after a few days we talk about what it means. For the next few weeks, we'll be discussing a few of Confucius' sayings- what they mean, and how they could influence our lives. 

Our earlier post about Confucius and his philosophy can be found here.

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