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Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

I guess I didn't pull out the camera much this weekend, as it was a rather easy going weekend, and the girls are less and less inclined to be photographed. 

Elle making Portuguese pancakes for supper
We played a game of charades, and realized we need to buy a new game as guessing has become too easy from having played the game and read the cards so often; both the girls cooked up (almost completely independently) a dinner for the family - Pea winging it without a recipe, and realizing it isn't always as easy as it looks; Elle went to a friend's for a sleepover (where she stayed up until 4am!!) while Pea earned some money babysitting - which means Hubby and I enjoyed a rare Saturday night out with friends that included an odd assortment of bowling (possibly the worse overall score among six people ever recorded in bowling history), bingo, and karaoke. Though hoping to go for a walk, the weather was against us (we are fairweather hikers), and it seems I am falling far behind in my goal of one good walk a week as a foursome...

What a treat! A food truck - bus - that serves steaming hot fresh old fashioned donuts we never new existed until yesterday. I dream of these sorts of donuts...
Our most important efforts this weekend were in getting ready for the Live Below the Line Challenge. From April 28th (today!) until May 2nd, thousands are joining together to raise awareness and funds to help alleviate poverty worldwide by eating no more than $1.75 worth of food per day. My sister and I are taking the challenge - Pea and Elle were not ready to take on the challenge personally, but they have, and will continue, to be involved. Yesterday, we went shopping for my week's worth of food - with a whopping $8.75. The girls helped me choose, weigh and determine costs of all dry goods, which will be mostly what I eat. Then there was a bit leftover for vegetables. They were surprised at how little produce I could get, and I'm hoping this challenge will open their eyes a little to the cost of food, and how much we take for granted. Elle asked: "Aren't there enough starving people in the world? Why would you want to be one of them?" I'm hoping this will create an ongoing conversation in our family, and a little more reflection. And ultimately, having the choice makes all the difference. 

I'll be posting more about this soon, but if you're interested in supporting us by donating to our chosen charity World Literacy Canada, here's our page: Live Below The Line: Sisters United

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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