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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our (Belated) Weekend in a Nutshell

It's just been the sound of crickets here on the blog for over a week - I've been having issues with the computer and had to ration and prioritize use in between crashes. I may have solved the issue - my fingers are crossed. Now it's catch up time!

Elle had a friend sleepover and very much wanted to show her around the waterfront. So we started off our Saturday at the farmers market and being (wind) swept along the waterfront, as they ran ahead, played on the giant wave (the "Do Not Climb" sign ignored by all kids in the region) and relished a classic Canadian dessert: the Beavertail. One of these days, we may need to learn how to cook one of these up at home. 

Sunday, Pea emerged from her room and homework and the girls and I headed back into the city. This past weekend Open Doors Halifax was being held, in which a variety of buildings were opening their doors to the general public, many with informative volunteers. As a historic city (by Canadian standards), we had a few architectural gems to see, including the City Hall (that had the first elevator in the city) and the Province House (the oldest assembly in Canada) - the girls were much more interested in the elevator's history than the governments :) We even had a tour of a theater, going backstage, and props and costume departments.

Being World Ocean Day, we also snuck into the science center to watch a squid dissection- disgusting but interesting. Did you know squids have 3 hearts? I bet you also don't know what a squid's eyeball feels like - Pea now does. Elle and I were a bit more squirmish :) It was a great day, with all of us tuckered out in the end. We are already looking forward to checking out more buildings next year. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer issues, but I'm pleased you're okay. I missed you and your posts!

    1. Thanks Claire, the timing has been awful - I have a couple of projects on the go and a computer is a must! Ah well!


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