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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

We didn't get out much this weekend - the girls, especially Pea, were laden with homework and Hubby had to work on Saturday. It feels like this past school year has seen a real increase in homework, and decrease in family time - I am very much looking forward to summer vacation! The girls did have a fair few options of beverages to enjoy while working away :)

Saturday night, Elle headed to a friends house for a sleepover (that took her the entire next day to recuperate from) while Pea and I went to a choral concert my mother participates in. This is her second concert, and I have absolutely loved them both - this is such an energetic, fun, heartfelt choir that sings such a variety of songs, from local, to aboriginal, to multicultural. The energy and loving-kindness radiates as they sing and the audience is encouraged to join in with some songs. I love that these concerts bring Pea out of her shell, even if just a little. Halfway through, she reached over and held my hand, with strangers seated next to her. This is a rare public display of affection and anyone with a teen can attest to the need to cherish any form of affection from a teenager! Shunning, blank stares and eye rolling are more of the norm :)

Sunday was father's day, and after a very long week at work, Hubby just wanted to stay in with his family and watch tv. Despite the big breakfast, bbq tool and cards, I think my best gift to him was the rare occasion of acceptance on my part: not complaining of having the tv on, not asking to turn the volume down during the commercials, and most importantly, not insisting he change the channel to something more interesting! I guess I can pull that off, if only for one day a year :)


  1. Hooray for teenage displays of affection! T when he turned 11 informed me that whilst I could cuddle him as much as I wanted in the home could I not do it in front of people! I was devastated, my little boy was growing up. Thank fully he still loves a cuddle at home.

    1. I know - it's still a learning curve for me even if it's years in - sometimes feels like handling a wild animal! Remain calm and still, let them approach you, feel safe, and then yay! a bit of affection :) And I know we are closer than most, and that she is much more affectionate than the majority of teens - certainly more than I was!

  2. Sounds like something Jeff might want to do for Father's Day, just sit and relax.

    1. I do a lot more relaxing during the week than he gets a chance to, so weekends make for opposing ideas of how to spend time - since the weather's improved, I want to get out with the kids, and he wants to stay in.


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