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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Weekends in a Nutshell

I have been remiss, I know. I think I was on an unintentional blogcation - and there may be more over the next few weeks! I can't even say we've been altogether that busy but...
Friends & family getting ready to watch a movie in our backyard, thanks to G-pa and all his work setting it up, a cozy way to end our Canada day festivities
The end of June brought on a few celebrations: we celebrated Pea's grade 9 graduation (that included a couple of awards) and she went to her first formal dance. Corsage and all. I was very much the embarrassing mother insisting I get many (many) photos, and telling her and her friends to pose here and there, and oh, just one more :) Despite that, Pea hugged and kissed me good night - in front of all of her classmates. It was frankly shocking!

That same weekend Elle had an out of province soccer tournament that Hubby attended and was very proud of her. Pea enjoyed a few days of alone time before a summer filled with family and friends, and I paraded around with my girlfriends celebrating summer weather and my birthday. 

Elle's team playing soccer
Great day spent in the best of company for my birthday
We spent the past week enjoying G-pa's company - my father visiting from Ontario and took a few walks at the beach. He even convinced Hubby and Elle to join him in watching the waves during our first hurricane of the season (while Pea and I hunkered indoors).

A chilly but lovely day at Martinique Beach, playing in the sand, collecting rocks, and watching surfers


  1. Pea looks beautiful and so very happy! Which awards did she get? You must have been very proud! We don't get hurricanes over here but we had a flash flood type thunder storm which was pretty amazing. My two year old wasn't impressed though!

    1. Pea was so nervous it was touch and go - but once she got to the dance, she was indeed happy and had a wonderful time. She received awards for greatest improvement and initiative in two classes, and she had been struggling in the first term, so that was great news!

  2. What a fantastic weekend with friends and family! Congratulations on Pea's award. It's very competitive in schools these days so she must have done really well!


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