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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

Can you believe there is 4 years difference between them? Elle is just growing up so fast!
This past weekend was our Thanksgiving weekend, and I admit to being grateful for an extra day off, nearly as much as family, friends, and the abundance in our lives. It was a wonderful, long, beautiful fall weekend filled with time together enjoying nature.

We have a series of must-dos in October but I was itching to try something new, and so we drove out a couple of hours to a ski resort that celebrates the season over the long weekend with chair lift rides up the top of the mountain. None of having ever made it past the kiddie hill on ski trips, the chair lift itself was a new experience - and I realized I may be developing a bit of a fear of heights! Once we reached the top, we had various ski routes back down to choose from for a gorgeous hike, with just the loveliest scenery. 

Elle and I spent more time in the woods, returning to a trail we especially enjoy. She had a great time climbing boulders, and it was lovely to see her coming out of her comfort zone and venturing out, off the beaten path, more than she is usually comfortable with. I always find that both of the girls open up more when spending time in nature, and this made for especially nice one on one time together. 

Our long weekend ended with the best of friends, much laughter, and over indulging in turkey dinner (and pie). Ok, perhaps my gratitude for my wonderful family and friends, those near and far, far exceeds the additional time away from work :)


  1. My kids are more talkative too in nature.

    1. Funny isn't it? The girls are also more openly affectionate - getting in touch with nature is just so good for the soul.

  2. We've noticed it too. All three older ones visibly relax and calm down when we are surrounded by nature, it's one of the reasons we love N Ireland so much!


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