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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

West African Staple Food: Peanuts | Recipe for Biscuits Cinq Centimes {Five Cent Cookies from Senegal)

Peanuts, known as ground nuts in West Africa, are a staple food incorporated in many dishes (mostly savory), and a crop that grows well in many regions. They are the primary crop in Senegal, with peanut production taking up 40% of cultivated land and employing as many as a million people. 

A mound of peanuts in Kaolack, Senegal
Photo Credit: Karah 24
Les biscuits cinq centime (Five Cent Cookies) are a classic street food and sold in every market in the larger cities in Senegal - they are particularly popular in Dakar.

Clockwise, from far left: Shelling peanuts; harvesting peanuts; peanuts in sacks; peanuts, freshly harvested; removing peanuts from the plant to sell as fresh peanuts
Photos Credited to: Joseph Hill, adapted into a collage

Cinq Centimes Cookies

Cinq centimes cookies are butter cookies topped with peanut butter and crushed or coarsely chopped peanuts. Everything I've read about these suggests buying sugar or butter cookies, and topping them off, which would make this the easiest "recipe" out there. 

We did make our own cookies, following this basic butter cookie recipe. Be sure to roll the dough in a log, and once refrigerated long enough, slice into rounds. Bake them, and once they are cooled, spread peanut butter over them, and sprinkle with peanuts. These turned out really tasty. We didn't use all the cookie dough, so I froze the remaining log to use at a later date - perfect for the next time we can use a quick treat.


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  1. Replies
    1. With store bought cookies, these are the easiest ones to make! (I use the word "make" loosely)

  2. Oh, they look so yummy! What a simple way to experience a little West African tastes.

    1. It really is - and it was nice change to have something so simple!


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