Our family has embarked on virtual travels to various countries and regions. To explore these countries and their cultures, we have followed along with the festivals, cooked and eaten traditional foods, learned of traditional handicrafts with hands on exploration, along with many activities to immerse ourselves. Chronicled here are some of these activities.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sundays in France - Introductory Books

Every Sunday, this blog will explore France, based on our family's virtual explorations in 2011

The first place we start when on a virtual travel is with books - and here are my recommendations to introduce kids to France and use as a reference on what to learn about next. 

France (Been There!)  by Annabel Savery
Told from perspective of a child visiting France, this is a great introductory book. Along with quick geography facts & map, this book takes the reader to the different regions in France, showcasing the diversity and cultural highlights that can be found there. It's an easy book to read, accessible for younger kids with great photos.
There's also an endnote with basic french phrases and instructions on counting to 10 in French. 

Let's Visit France (Around the World)  by Susie Brooks
This is another easy to read book, and it doesn't overlap much with the book above. Like the above book, it's written from the perspective of someone visiting France. With easy to read format and lots of photographs, you'll learn about festivals and markets, food, nature and things to see and do, all with a few French words included in each "area". There's also a recipe for crepes at the end.

France (Blastoff! Readers: Exploring Countries)  by Rachel Grack is another great introduction to the country. It has great facts about France and some of its marvels, and has colorful photos. It introduces the reader to the geography, daily life, major holidays, food, and art and architecture. 

E is for Eiffel Tower: A France Alphabet (Discover the World) by Helen Wilbur can be read as an "alphabet" book with each letter relating to an aspect of the culture, history or geography of France but it also offers some detailed information about each aspect. The more detailed reading is not for one sitting, and might be a little much for younger kids but it's a great resource. Their website offers up even more information about each country that's explored by their books.

France (Festivals of the World) by Susan McKay (may have different cover)
I love this series - each book is such a great introduction to not only the major holidays and festivals, but also with more regional festivals you likely never heard of in a given country. These are usually one of the first books I read through for our explorations to guide our year, and the kids enjoy reading them as well. The books include a quick overview of France with map, another overview of festivals by season, a two to four page spreads about specific festivals - how they're celebrated, their history, and lots of photographs. The books also include an activity and/or craft and a recipe.

With these books, kids will want to head to France immediately!

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Books are a wonderful way to experience new worlds and ideas. Our house is filled with books, most of which are borrowed from our public library. Public libraries are an incredible resource, making books accessible to everyone, and we highly encourage everyone to discover theirs. If you are hoping to build your own home library, I've made it easy by linking book titles to Amazon.com. Please note that I have become affiliated with them, which means that if you make a purchase, you are also supporting this website. 


  1. I'm sure that after reading these books, I'll want to head to France myself :) not only the kids

  2. I love the alphabet books, I've used several of them for states and countries.

    1. I wish I'd discovered these books sooner - I had seen them, but didn't pick one up until recently with the girls having long outgrown alphabet books - I was so pleased to see the wealth of info in these books!

  3. We'll be covering Europe soon in the little's FIAR and these books will be perfect!

  4. Thank you for faithfully linking up all your wonderful posts.

    1. Thank you Phyllis, for faithfully hosting!


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